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'Travel more. Simply go and explore!'   Davies World Travel is a travel website, which brings you my visual and written media about exciting places around the world, which I have visited over the last the 40+ years. I invite you to engage and interact with me!

 The basics about me!

I am a well travelled Welsh-Yorkshireman who has clocked up 6 continents and 69 countries of travel over the last 4 decades. I have been termed 'lucky' for the places I have been to, but I have worked hard to earn the money and sacrificed a 'normal' life in order to forge this life of adventure. I have met many wonderful people whilst out on the road and they have helped make my experiences even more memorable. I look forward to hearing from you, wherever you are in the world to hear of places you've been or plan to go. In the meantime, please check out my different forms of media, to wet your appetite to get out there and travel. Likewise, share your own travel experiences with me!

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A more detailed look at my life journey

So here's a bit about my journey in life. I had a big curiosity about the world from the tender age of 5, from the minute I had a world map blue-tacced to my bedroom wall. But how did I develop my interest in travelling, photography, story telling and cycling? As a boy, I was taken to all the usual beachy destinations around Europe on family holidays. However, when I was 15, I was fortunate enough to tag along on one of my dad's business trips to Denver in Colorado. It was here that I sampled a trip that was beyond the usual type of holiday. I did camping and white water rafting in the Rockies. Suddenly, a new world opened up to me. I knew when I was bit older exactly what I wanted to do. In fact, just one year later I did inter-railing around Europe with an American friend I met back in Colorado. Although I was only aged 16, my parents put their trust in me to travel independently for the first time without them. It was an amazing experience and a real baptism of fire. At this time, I developed a real passion for cycling and explored my native Yorkshire but also made it down to the South coast of England on my steam.

A second major injection of travel enthusiasm came my way when I did a student exchange program to New Jersey in the USA as a 19 year old. I now well and truly had the travel bug, but still lacked experience, as by the time I was aged 21, I had still only travelled Europe and North America. The rest of the world still awaited me! After 3 years at university and a year of deliberately doing low paid bum jobs, I'd saved the cash to embark on a one year trip of a lifetime around the world. I began in Asia, headed down under to Australasia, then took in both North and South America. That epic trip was back in 1995-96 at a time when backpacker-style travel was almost unheard of and is not the 'trendy' rite of passage that so many young people treat it with nowadays. I spent the rest of my 20s doing jobs in the brewing and travel agency trade. It was limited to just 4 weeks of holidays a year, so my travels were limited but still I managed to get to some far flung locations.  Then in my 30s I joined the teaching profession as a geography teacher, which naturally fitted with my obsession with all things 'worldly' related. I've been a high school teacher for 15+ years on a full time basis. However, more recently, I have decided to toned down my efforts in what has become an exhausting profession. In 2018 I set up this website, but with little idea on how I was going to market myself. I have since joined an innovative group of online entrepreneurs called Summit Affiliate, they are based in Australia but they have online business experts and entrepreneurs across the whole world on board. Everyone in the online community is so helpful and full of tips and advice for once another. I invested in their training which teaches you how to use social media effectively to promote your online business. If you are wanting to start your own online business, then I can highly recommend Summit Affiliate! So here I am, plugging away at the start of 2019 with grand ambitions to promote travelling through my social media and books! It's high time I got this website up and running, so come along and join me on my online adventure and travels!   - Paul R Davies, January 2019


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